Intelligent Prosthetic Systems, LLC


Intelligent Prosthetic Systems, LLC (IPS) develops advanced mobility devices based on the latest biomechanics research. IPS collaborates with innovative academic laboratories to engineer solutions for persons with lower limb impairment, especially amputation. IPS is developing a range of prosthetic and orthotic technologies that use advanced sensing, microprocessor control and biomechatronic devices to improve mobility and clinical assessment.

Reconstruction of Gait from Shoe-Worn Inertial sensors

IPS has developed advanced algorithms for reconstructing the motion of the feet using only inertial sensors mounted on the shoelaces. We offer services to help researchers and clinicians use these techniques to study gait and the loss and recovery of balance, outside a laboratory environment. Contact us for information about using this technology in your study or clinic!

Custom Research & Development Services

IPS is always seeking new clients and partners. Contact us to determine how we can help develop your new technology or experiment!

Robotic Foot Prosthesis to Streamline Prosthetic Prescription

In collaboration with Carnegie Mellon University, IPS is developing a robotic system for assessing the benefits of different categories of prosthetic feet for individual patients with lower limb amputation. This high-performance robotic foot emulates passive and active feet available commercially and measures the benefits they provide to each individual.
The first-generation system can be purchased for research applications - Contact us for more information.