Intelligent Prosthetic Systems, LLC

Gait Studies

Advanced Foot Prostheses

Custom Device Design

Assess the quality of gait in patients with easy-to-use systems for tracking foot motion.

Let IPS help you realize your big idea! Our experts can help you design a novel device and test its effects.

We design biomechanical experiments to help researchers advance the science of gait rehabilitation.

We work to incorporate the latest biomechanical findings into foot designs that enable new levels of function.

Advanced Biomechatronics

devices on the cutting edge

Our staff includes professional researchers in biomechanics, robotics, and mechanical design, bringing the latest research to practice for the improvement of human health.

OUR Expertise

  • Gait tracking with inertial sensors
  • Biomechatronic prosthetic feet
  • Gait analysis in lower limb amputees
  • Embedded system control
  • Biomechanical experiment design
  • Custom mechatronic design and prototyping

Gait Event Reconstruction